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What is Grass and How Does it Work?

Grass is the underlying infrastructure that powers AI models. By installing the Grass web extension, the application will automatically sell your unused internet to AI companies, who use it to scrape the internet and train their models. The result? You share in the growth of AI, earning a stake in the network for selling a resource you didn’t even know you had.

Protected Personal Data

Grass is a network for exchanging bandwidth and bandwidth only.
There is no possible way for buyers to see your data or view your activity.
Security and privacy are 100% guaranteed.

Boost Your Rewards with the Referral Program

Invite friends to join Grass & grow your Earnings.

Quick guide to start:

1) Download the extension from Chrome web store
2) Follow our referral link to get early access and create an account:
3) If you register successfully , you’ll be automatically connected. You can visit the dashboard from the extension.

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